MKFM Launch MK Mental Health Hour

    Every Sunday at 7pm, starting 8th September, MKFM alongside Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support will discuss a variety of topics as well as expert practical advice for listeners.

    Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support (@ArthurEllisMHS) is a local organisation in Milton Keynes, set up by Jon Manning (@JonManningAE) to provide realistic and practical ways to identify, support and manage mental health at any age.

    In partnership with MKFM and 123 Internet Group, Arthur Ellis are bringing the people of Milton Keynes the MK Mental Health Hour, an hour every Sunday evening from 7pm where they will be discussing a variety of topics with expert guests, not just to bring awareness to the issues we all face but to provide expert, practical advice.

    Arthur Ellis started just over a year ago in Milton Keynes and have made quite an impact. The way they increase emotional intelligence has won national awards from Business in the Community, part of the Princes Trust, and their training has seen them win Best New Business across Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire. Jon has also swiped his own awards, being Entrepreneur of the Year across the region and nominated Nationally.

    Their aims are simple. To provide honest, practical and brilliant training and support services to fuel the 1:1s for children unable to access help elsewhere.

    Jon, Founder of Arthur Ellis experienced his own difficulties growing up, living with an undiagnosed disorder for 20 years, not being able to access help. When he was finally diagnosed, his attitude towards life and his purpose changed. 

    “As a nation, we HAVE to know what to do if someone is experiencing difficulties, not feeling awkward or confused about how we can help. We need to be more self-sufficient and not just rely on our services, like the NHS who are completely underfunded and struggling to cope. We need to be #IndependentFromIllness. I see negativity surrounding mental health everywhere, let’s bring hope, positivity and celebrate recovery and management of conditions rather than putting a focus on the negative.”
    Darren Dorrington, Managing Director of MKFM said;
    "Mental Health can be such a minefield here in Milton Keynes. We are pleased to be working alongside Arthur Ellis. Their expertise in conjunction with mental health professionals will highlight the importance of discussing mental health while being able to directly provide and signpost people in the right direction to receive appropriate support. The Mental Health Hour will not only bring organisations together but will offer practical help to our listeners. The hour will also be available as a podcast on our website for people to download, listen again and share."

    Scott Jones – CEO, 123 Internet Group says;

    “Mental health effects everyone, whether it’s us personally, our family, friends or colleagues. We know first hand how difficult it can be to access help and that’s why we are getting behind Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support to help Milton Keynes and the wider country understand the practical tools and strategies to recover and manage mental ill health whist building a free emotional support service for the children of our City.”

    Their 1:1 Mentoring is open to all. All Mentors are experienced in supporting people through difficult times and go through their own thorough checks and training before getting matched with someone who needs help. The work Mentors do with their Mentees is completely dependent on their needs, maybe someone is on a waiting list and needs someone to talk to until they achieve that support. Maybe they can’t access services and need some support to learn coping strategies. In some cases, they just have people coming in once a month to have a catch up and see if there’s anything they can help them tackle as a preventative measure. 

    Arthur Ellis have identified that if they wanted to provide free support to all the children in Milton Keynes, currently unable to access help, they would need £1,000,000. ‘Gulp’. So, they raise money in a variety of ways to achieve this. 

    Mainly, they offer training and talks in schools, colleges and universities as well as public and community organisations like the YMCA and The Open University to help them work with their staff and communities in ways that supports their mental health and well-being. 

    They also have some pretty amazing partnerships, like Imogen Sheeran. Imogen typically creates beautiful hand-made jewellery for her very talented sons’ single releases…like the ‘Castle on the Hill’ bracelet. With Arthur Ellis, Imogen makes bracelets for us to sell and each one sold provides one mentoring session for the children they support. 

    Arthur Ellis will also soon be opening up the ability for local organisations and people to sponsor their goals of creating this self-sustaining service by sponsoring children for mentorship, trainers to go into schools and teach techniques directly to young people or mentors who can support a number of children.  

    If you would like to discuss how you can support Arthur Ellis in it’s aims, please email or head over to 

    MK Mental Health Hour airs on Sundays at 7pm on MKFM and will be podcast for the MKFM website thereafter. 

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