MKFM commission local filmmaker to showcase MKFM the Movie

    After the success of the revisited Red Balloon advert, MKFM called on the talents of local filmmaker Richard Bateman of westfourstreet to showcase their story.

    Whether you listen to MKFM on 106.3FM, DAB or online or follow our social media alongside 40,000 other local people. You may have benefitted or donated in one of the charity campaigns we have supported. Or you might have spotted our street team or mascot, Samantha the Panther, at events across the city.

    MKFM hopes to illustrate every aspect of their involvement within the local community of Milton Keynes throughout a sequence of videos from across the year.

    Local Events / Charities

    These are set to include the staples of MKFM’s event calendar including; the Dragon Boat Festival at Willen Lake, MK Inspiration Awards and Midnight Moo. The film will demonstrate first hand, the local charities who rely on the support of the community at these events to fund their valued services including; MacIntyre, The Henry Allen Trust and Willen Hospice.


    Alongside MKFM’s work with local events and charities, the station also prides itself on representing the community over local issues including; homelessness, potholes and raising awareness for the need of the MK Food Bank, all of which MKFM the Movie will highlight.

    Business in MK

    The movie will also follow the work of the MKFM business team. Introducing new clients to air, with creative adverts and engaging interviews. The power of social media for businesses to interact with their target demographic via competitions will also be featured. Alongside The Meet of MK, a monthly networking event organised by MKFM, illustrating the benefit of regular networking with likeminded businesses. The Doughnut Run with Krispy Kreme has also become ‘MK Famous’ with local businesses nominating their company to win doughnuts, a shout out and 3 songs played for their office on the radio.

    On Air

    There will be behind the scenes footage of the MKFM studios at Intu shopping centre in Milton Keynes. Looking in on Darren and Lia on the MK Breakfast Show and Greg on MKFM Drive. There will be a glimpse of upcoming presenters being trained up in the studio. Scenes of MKFM celebrating local bands, artists and gigs on the Local Music show with Vicki McCarthy. As well as displaying icons of radio, Pat Sharp and Dave Pearce and their partnerships with the station.

    Whatever your age, musical taste or political stance, MKFM hopes to engage with every member of the local community in Milton Keynes with MKFM the Movie showcasing every aspect.


    Richard, of local creative agency westfourstreet, says, “When MKFM asked me to be a part of this project I was so excited. It feels just like it did in the initial stages of the Red Balloon Revisited film. We’ve already started filming at some of the events and have some great shots. I’m looking forward to delivering something incredible to demonstrate the great work MKFM do in our local community.”

    Coming later in 2018 – With westfourstreet - Follow our social media for updates.




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