MKFM collects 2,000 tins from Milton Keynes commuters in two days

    MKFM, London Midland and the MK Food Bank have collected 2,000 tins of food in the past two days from commuters at Milton Keynes Central station.

    The MKFM Street Team have been at the railway station this morning and yesterday morning and have received many generous donations from members of the public for the MK Food Bank.

    London Midland have also made a contribution to the campaign, with regular announcements about our collection points both on the trains and inside the station.

    The 2,000 tins will form part of 50,000 tins target which MKFM's Darren and Lia have aimed to collect for the MK Food Bank by the end of June.

    All the tins will be used by the Milton Keynes Food Bank, which experiences higher demand during the summer months due to the lack of free school meals for children during holiday periods.

    If you wish to make a donation, the collection point will remain at Milton Keynes Central station for the rest of the week and all tins will be collected and delivered direct to the Food Bank.

    There will also be MKFM collection points at Tesco Kingston, Bletchley and Wolverton during the week beginning 26th June. Our MKFM Bus will then be collecting all the tins from these three points on Friday 30th June.

    Finally, local businesses can also make a donation of £300 to cover the cost of 1,000 tins of food by emailing

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