MKFM campaign to 'Save Zoe' who will be euthanized unless her quarantine bill is paid

    MKFM is launching a campaign and asking for your support to save a cat in Milton Keynes who will be euthanized unless her quarantine bills are paid.

    The cat, named Zoe, has been brought to the UK from another country. She was then seized by Trading Standards because her owner had not followed the proper procedures.

    Zoe was placed in quarantine and her owner has since abandoned her without paying for any of the fees.

    Government guidelines state owners are responsible for the cost of their pet's quarantine, and the pet will be destroyed if the bill is not paid.

    The quarantine bill stands at £1,300, and MKFM are working with the RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks to help raise the money needed.

    You can donate to the campaign using the online crowdfunding page here.

    In a statement, the RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks said: "We are heartbroken to hear that through no fault of her own this lovely, friendly young cat may die as a result of a human being abandoning her. As soon as we heard her story we decided we would immediately try to save her life."

    "Zoe deserves a new life with a loving family who will care for her every need."

    "We are appealing for your help to raise the amount needed to save Zoe's life. Please consider making a donation, no matter what amount, so that we can save Zoe from being destroyed."

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