Milton Keynes woman escapes unharmed from unattended cooking smoke in flat

    Bucks Fire and Rescue attended an incident in Medbourne and warned a resident about the risk of fire in the early hours of Tuesday morning (19/1).

    Fire crews were called out at 1.09am where two fire appliances and firefighters from West Ashland led a woman from the property, used a fan and a thermal imaging camera, fitted smoke detectors and gave advice to the resident. 

    Cooking appliances were identified as the cause of 48% of all accidental house fires in 2018/19, with cooking being the cause of 51% of all non-fatal fire injuries. Many fires could be avoided if safe storage and cooking practices are followed in the kitchen.

    Some good do's and don'ts include:

    • Do not cook whilst wearing loose items of clothing such as scarves or trailing sleeves as they could catch fire
    • Do not leave children or vulnerable adults alone in the kitchen
    • Keep electrical leads, tea towels, dishcloths and other items which could catch fire away from the cooker or hob
    • Keep the oven, hob, toaster and grill clean – a build-up of fat, crumbs or grease can catch fire

    Bucks Fire and Rescue advices requesting a Fire and Wellness Visit to review fire precautions within your home and receive additional advice and guidance. 

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