MK mum travels 5,000km to Russia to carve her business dream

    An MK businesswoman who went to Russia to study the art of candle carving is enjoying a busy Christmas period in her new venture.

    Aliona Turcan, 32, of Bancroft Park, Milton Keynes, started up Royal Candles less than one year ago but she is already seeing an increasing number of sales of her bespoke products.

    Aliona, a mum of one whose business is based at the Bucks Biz iCentre, in Newport Pagnell, said: “I fell in love with this art more than seven years ago and for some time I researched it online. Then I became pregnant with my beautiful daughter Simona and had very little time to pursue my business dream.

    “When my daughter was old enough I began looking for courses but there were none in Ireland where I was living at the time. My sister Feodara and I flew more than 5,000Km to Yekaterinburg in the Urals area of Russia to complete our training.

    “The training was a full week of carving, and carving and carving some more, but besides that we enjoyed the amazing and magical Russian winter. The temperature often dropped to -25 degrees – but our love for carving candles kept us warm!”

    The art of candle carving is big on continental Europe and Aliona is delighted with the reception she receives at events like the Ideal Home Exhibition. “People love the idea of personalised candles, with names, dates and other important words and phrases and logos and even photographs of someone special,” she said.

    Aliona added: “The festive season is the perfect time to think of your loved ones and our Royal Candles make a unique gift. As well as that, you can use our candles to create a magical and festive atmosphere in your home.

    Joe Muscat, the owner of Bucks Biz business centres, said: “Aliona is one of a growing number of businesses based around people doing what they love to do.

    “Royal Candles has taken a small unit and we hope to support her as her business grows.”

    Surveyor Jay Raj, of Clock Property, who is also based at the iCentre, said: “Aliona decided to rent business premises instead of working from home for the support she receives from the team here. There is a vibrant business community here, which helps others to grow.”

    To find out more about Aliona and Royal Candles, visit and follow her on Facebook by searching for royalcandlesuk.

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