MK Labour pledges funding for more police, CCTV and extra youth workers

    MK Labour Party has pledged that if successful in the upcoming local elections it would increase funding for community safety.

    MK Labour have revealed that their local election manifesto will be called “Stronger Communities, Thriving MK,” and focus on investing in services that matter to local communities while having a clear, long term vision for the future of the city.

    In the first announcement of the policies it intends to put to local people for support, MK Labour are focusing on community safety, with rising knife crime, increasing violent crime and anti-social behaviour a key concern for communities.

    MK Labour are pledging

    • £250,000 extra funding for community safety, including funding extra police officers and PCSOs
    • To renew the CCTV network across MK
    • More youth outreach workers

    Cllr Peter Marland, Leader of MK Council says, “Rising knife crime, increasing violent crime and anti-social behaviour are a key concern for communities across Milton Keynes. We want to invest in community safety to build stronger communities and help reverse the impact of Tory austerity on our police.”

    He continues, “Since 2010 Thames Valley Police has cut 367 police officers and 132 community support officers PCSOs. We now have the unprecedented intervention of senior police officers saying our police are at breaking point because of underfunding. We know that to create a thriving MK people need to feel safe, and so if we are successful in the upcoming elections we’ll invest £250,000 in community safety, including supporting employing more local police. We’ll also invest in renewing our CCTV network across MK.

    He concludes, "However we know that the long term solution is investing in more support services, and that’s why we are also pledging to employ more youth outreach workers to get out onto the streets and engage with our young people. While Tory local authorities slash services, MK Labour are pledging to invest in services that matter to local people, build stronger communities and ensure a thriving MK.”

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