MK Labour pledge high-skilled jobs, free bus travel and tackling school hunger in radical manifesto

    MK Labour Party has today launched its manifesto for the upcoming local elections, with 30 pledges to build stronger communities and a thriving MK.

    Highlights include:

    • Helping to create 2000 new high skilled jobs in CMK
    • Promising to investigate introduce free bus travel for under 30s
    • Pledging £30,000 to tackle hunger in schools
    • Plans to build more accessible housing for older people and those with disabilities
    • Increasing litter picking at rubbish hot-spots
    • Radical plans to tackle climate change and make MK carbon neutral by 2030 and carbon negative by 2050.

    Cllr Peter Marland, Leader of MK Labour Group says, “People are fed-up with national politicians making promises they can’t deliver, so we are making 30 clear pledges to deliver stronger communities and a thriving MK, concentrating on what matters to local people. However that doesn’t mean we can’t be radical and be positive about what we want to do.”

    He continues, “What should be clear is that after 5 years running MK Council, the reason we are able to offer radical ideas like looking to introduce free bus travel for under 30s is that we’ve managed the budget and have a stable financial base. All MK Conservatives have to offer is the turmoil of out-of-control spending and savage cuts on show in Tory-run councils. Here in MK we are continuing our effort to fight the impact of austerity by doing things like pledging to tackle hunger in schools. What sort of MK do we live in where kids are turning up to learn hungry because of this Tory Government?”

    He concludes, “The choice coming up in May is clear. A radical Labour-led council with a positive and clear vision for the future of the MK, or MK Conservatives who lack leadership, vision and who would squander our hard-won financial position on gimmicks and headlines.”

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