MK couple start their 30/30/30 Challenge to fund mental health support for NHS frontline workers

    David and Jo Hall are walking, cycling and swimming to raise funds for mental health support for NHS Frontline workers, organised by Arthur Ellis Mental Health Support earlier this year.

    The couple have set themselves a target to raise a further £200 to smash the £500 target by the 30th of September.

    The couple are celebrating 30 years of marriage this month and want to raise awareness for mental health in Milton Keynes.

    David and Jo wanted to say thank you to Arthur Ellis Mental Health Support after Jo needed help last year with her mental health. 

    Jo said: “Well, after the passing away of our family pets and a close friend all in the space of a few weeks I found that other undealt emotions were unsettling my wellbeing and I felt awful, so I self-referred myself to Arthur Ellis for one to one support.”

    David said: “As a husband it’s tough seeing the person you love suffering with their emotions and when the usual things like talking it over are not working then getting help from somewhere else was vital to us both.”

    Jo added: “We are no spring chickens and we have had a few injuries so we are not as fit as we were 30 years ago but this is not going to stop us.”

    David and Jo are training to swim 30 lengths at Wolverton Pool on their Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday 22nd September. As well as cycle 30 km around Milton Keynes on Saturday 26th and walk 30 km by the September 30th 2020.

    To watch David and Jo on their training challenge you can follow them on their Facebook page.

    To support David and Jo you can donate to the Support Our NHS Frontline Campaign with Arthur Ellis Mental Health Support. Click here for more information and to donate.

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