The 8 roads and 4 estates which could see a 20mph limit in Milton Keynes

    Next week, Milton Keynes Councillors are set to discuss plans to introduce 20mph speed limits in some housing estates.

    In a council meeting next Tuesday (26th January), councillors will discuss proposed plans will see speed limits in the following roads:


    • Whaddon Way, between Tattenhoe Lane and Derwent Drive


    • Abbey Way, entire length


    • Maltings Field, Its entire length
    • New Road/Prospect Road, Its entire length
    • Bens Close, its entire length
    • School Lane, its entire length

    Old Farm Park

    • Boyce Crescent, it's entire length

    Pear Tree Bridge

    • Chadds Lane, its entire length
    • Waterside, its entire length

    West Bletchley 

    • Avon Grove, it's entire length


    • Abbotsbury, it's entire length

    Woburn Sands

    • Russell Street, it's entire length

    In addition, four new Speed Zones could be enforced in the following estates:

    • Grange Farm,
    • Monkston,
    • Monkston Park
    • Walton Grange. 

    Councillors are set to be asked to approve nine of the twelve speed restrictions at an estimated cost of £70,000. 

    The other three applications are subject to further funding and estimated to cost a further £200,000 to complete.

    Anyone who wishes to look further at the proposals should click here.

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