Milton Keynes will have third-highest economic growth of all UK cities in 2018

    New figures from the Centre for Economics & Business Research have revealed that Milton Keynes will have the third-highest level of economic growth out of all UK cities in 2018.

    The economic predictions show that the Milton Keynes economy will grow by an expected 1.98% in 2018, coming ahead of all other UK cities except Oxford (1.99%) and Cambridge (2.19%).

    The findings add further weight to the claim by many experts that the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford arc has the potential to become the 'UK's Silicon Valley' and is a boost to campaigners for further investment in the area.

    Plans are already underway for a new East-West Rail Link which will link the three cities by 2023, and the report also highlighted Milton Keynes in particular as being a hotspot for new start-up companies.

    The proximity of our city to London along with the high-level universities in the two neighbouring arc towns mean that the area as a whole will grow faster next year than all others, including the capital itself.

    The lowest ranking cities include Swansea (0.8% growth), Belfast (0.7% growth) and Middlesbrough (0.6% growth).

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