Milton Keynes Welcomes Gene From The Emoji Movie!

    The popular movie star visited the Kingston and Milton Keynes Central McDonald's Restaurants over the weekend.

    On Friday, McDonald's welcomed Gene, star of The Emoji Movie, to its Central Milton Keynes and Kingston restaurants, to spend time with younger guests and enjoy some food at the same time!

    Gene begun his day with a breakfast trip to the Midsummer Arcade restaurant, being interviewed at the same time by the group’s People Manager Angela Dimond.  Before he could find out the result of his application, he headed over to Kingston for a Happy Meal, taking selfies with guests and taking part in activities and games organised by the restaurant.

    Ken Tomkins, franchise owner of Kaizen Restaurants which operates five of the restaurants in Milton Keynes, commented “We are delighted that Gene was able to join us this Friday in our Midsummer Arcade and Kingston restaurants.  It’s great that so many of our guests were able to meet him and lots of selfies were taken.  We’ll let him know how his interview went when he visits us in Westcroft next week!”

    Gene will now take a few days rest before heading to McDonald’s Westcroft on Sunday 20 August.  You’ll find him there between 1.30pm and 3.00pm.

    Be sure to stay up to date with events such as these by following Kaizen Restaurants on Facebook and Twitter ( and

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