Milton Keynes sibling band announce performances coming up this summer

    A sibling band established in Milton Keynes have announced that they will be performing this July and August in MK.

    The Childish! band, made up of siblings Johnson, Kale, and Indiana Harris-Herbert, have announced they will be performing in Bletchley on July 27 at the ‘Big Street Eat’. They are set to perform on their main stage, all while an array of world foods is available to all at the event. The Childish! have also announced that they will be performing at the Woburn Sands Festival at The Grapevine on August 24, at 3pm.

    The siblings formed The Childish! group, originally The Stencil Pencil, in 2020 during the lockdown as a remote school project in their living room.

    Earlier this year, the band changed their name to The Childish! and have been elevating ever since. Their most recent track ‘dReamin’ which samples the American singer-songwriter Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al. The band state the writing reflects all the experiences of the siblings, aged 16, 14, and 10. Their music represents their perspective as youngers in the UK amid political upheaval, as well as about dreaming of peace across the world in the midst of all the chaos that goes on.

    Although local, the sibling band have already crossed paths with many stars, all influencing their motivation to keep striving for their dreams. Rudimental, Chris Packham, and Eurovision star Sam Ryder are just a few to list.

    The band have recently caught the attention of the BBC for the Junior Eurovision that will take place in November, but before that, they are holding performances in their local areas, not forgetting their roots.

    Both events on July 27 and August 24 are free for all to enjoy.

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