Milton Keynes shopping centre installs ‘Wall of Positivity’

    February is undoubtedly the month of LOVE and to celebrate, Midsummer Place has installed a new pop-up ‘Wall of Positivity’ to help spread joy and happiness with positive affirmations.

    Over the past few weeks, shoppers were invited to share their inspiring comments, phrases and words of positivity – and the response was 'amazing'.

    Over 240 positive affirmations were sent, each with a personal meaning and sentiment to pass on to someone else.

    Now, just after Valentine’s Day, they will be displayed across the ‘Wall of Positivity’ for all to see.

    "This time of the year can be a really happy experience for many people but it can also be a time when we feel most alone. It’s important for us to think about others and reaching out to people to remind them of the positive things in life and what it gives us. said Kirsty McGiff Marketing Manager at Midsummer Place.  She adds: “The response from our shoppers and online social media following has been overwhelming, with affirmations pouring in from every corner of our community, and each one sending a strong and powerful message. We hope our shoppers enjoy reading them."

    Some of the best received affirmations were:

    1. You are beautiful inside and out
    2. You are kind, you are caring, you are loved
    3. Every challenge I face is an opportunity for growth
    4. I am worthy of love, success, and happiness
    5. I trust in my ability to create the life I desire

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