Milton Keynes set for 'mini-heatwave' this week as temperatures forecast to hit 20 degrees

    Milton Keynes is set for a 'mini-heatwave' this week as temperatures in the city are forecast to hit 20 degrees on Wednesday.

    Despite a couple of weeks of cold weather and some rain, warmer temperatures are set to return this week with plenty of sunshine too.

    Temperatures will hit 18 degrees on Tuesday, 20 degrees on Wednesday, 19 degrees on Friday and 17 degrees on Friday.

    Tuesday and Wednesday are also set to see long periods of unbroken sunshine all day.

    Tomorrow (Monday) will see a mainly cloudy day but with temperatures slightly higher than over the weekend at 15 degrees.

    Overnight temperatures are also set to rise, with overnight lows as high as 15 degrees set for Friday night.

    Rain is currently forecast for Thursday night in Milton Keynes, but with overnight temperatures not dipping below 13 degrees.

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