Milton Keynes residents will need photo ID to vote at this year's local elections

    For the first time, Milton Keynes residents will need to show photographic ID to vote at this year’s local elections.

    The requirement for voter ID was introduced in the UK’s Government Elections Act last year and Milton Keynes City Council is now urging residents to make sure they are ready to vote in May by checking they have an accepted form of ID. 

    The legislation made its way through parliament last year, with opposition parties arguing it risked disenfranchising those without ID, who are often from harder to reach communities.

     A government spokesperson told Sky News: "We cannot be complacent when it comes to ensuring our democracy remains secure.

    "Everyone eligible to vote will have the opportunity to do so and 98% of electors already have an accepted form of identification.

    "Photo identification has been used in Northern Ireland elections since 2003 and we're working closely with the sector to support the rollout and funding the necessary equipment and staffing."

    Residents will be able to vote if they can show a passport (UK, European Economic Area, or Commonwealth), a drivers’ licence (UK, European Economic Area, or Commonwealth), a concessionary travel pass, such as an older person’s bus pass or/and a Milton Keynes All in One Card.

    Voters will be able to use expired ID if they are still recognisable from the photo. A full list of accepted ID along with more information about the change can be found here.   

    Residents who do not have one of the accepted forms of ID can apply online for free ID called the ‘Voter Authority Certificate’ on a new website launched today here.  

    Applicants will need to provide a photo and their full name, date of birth, National Insurance number, and the address at which they are registered to vote. Registering to vote only takes five minutes here.  

    Anyone unable to use the online form can request a paper version by calling the City Council on 01908 254706 or by emailing (you will still need to be registered to vote beforehand but the City Council can help to register people unable to do this online themselves). 

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