Milton Keynes residents visiting Cambridge can now take part in the PlusBus eTicket trial

    A new technology trial has begun, aiming to offer Milton Keynes bus and rail travellers improved convenience and speed in travelling to and from Cambridge and Cambridge North train stations.

    The PlusBus scheme offers travellers a great value ticket for unlimited bus travel that customers can add to their train ticket. For over 20 years, customers have only been able to purchase their PlusBus ticket in paper form from rail station ticket offices and ticket vending machines.

    Now, under the new eTicket trial, customers can buy a QR code eTicket showing the zone it is valid in and the date it may be used. Customers show this when boarding a bus.

    David Boden, Business Development Director at Stagecoach East and inaugural Chairman of trade association the CP Bus Alliance said, “Bus-rail integration is tremendously important to our customers, so we are very excited to be taking part in this trial, which we hope will bring improved ease and convenience. Alongside this trial, bus operators and local railway station staff are working very hard together to ensure that the correct signage is in place to guide customers on with their journeys.”

    Boden concluded saying, “As bus operators, we would also make the plea to the senior figures at the railway companies to have conversations with us so that we can plan our activities to coincide, with the aim that buses can be timed to meet trains when they arrive. It is all about working together to let passengers reach their end destination.”

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