Milton Keynes residents urged to have conversations during Alcohol Awareness Week

    People in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas have been urged to think about alcohol harms during Alcohol Awareness Week, July 1- July7.

    When we think of harms caused by alcohol, many people might think of things such as late-night binge drinking or violence, or some serious health conditions, like liver disease or alcohol dependency. These tend to impact the very heaviest drinkers among us but, as important as these are, they’re only part of the story.

    The truth is that alcohol harm affects everyone in the UK with the effects on individuals rippling out to families, friends, communities and broader society.

    The term ‘alcohol harm’ can be used to describe any situation where alcohol has a negative effect on our lives, or the lives of those around us, however small.  That could mean when it gets in the way of things which really matter, such as relationships, work or our hobbies, or when it damages health and wellbeing.

    Dr Ian Reckless, Chief Medical Officer at Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Integrated Care Board, said,“Every day in the UK, more than 20 people die because of alcohol. By opening conversations and making it easier to make informed choices about alcohol, we can reduce the harms it causes.”

    He continued saying,“Many of us will know someone who has experienced mental health problems, liver disease, cancer, financial difficulties or relationship troubles as a result of harmful alcohol use. Help is available to support anyone who feels their alcohol use is becoming a problem.”

    Whatever your age group or location, there is a service near you which can help you to deal with your alcohol use. You can speak to your GP in the first instance.

    For more information about alcohol counselling and treatment services, please visit

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