Milton Keynes residents reminded to be aware of doorstep cold callers

    Following a rogue trader incident in Milton Keynes, MK Trading Standards has posted a social media post reminding others to beware.

    Milton Keynes Trading Standards said: "please be aware of cold callers offering to fix 'loose roof tiles'.

    If you ever feel uncomfortable or suspect that something may not be right, Milton Keynes Trading Standards advice is to always say "No thank you - please leave" and then immediately close the door.

    If the trader won't go away, tell them that you will call Trading Standards.

    Milton Keynes Trading Standards have officers working to beat doorstep crime and to help support residents of Milton Keynes.

    Their aim is to disrupt the activities of these criminals and in some cases, they work with police and make arrests. The aim is to keep criminals away by sending out a clear message that they are ready to act and use legal powers to protect local residents.

    You can contact trading standards on 0808 223 1133.

    If you feel you are being pressurised by the person you should call the Police on 101,  if you are being threatened or in danger, you should always call 999 in an emergency.

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