Milton Keynes resident wonders if he has broken the world record for 'world's longest chip'

    A Milton Keynes resident has tweeted the Guinness Book of World Records saying he has a contender for the 'world's longest chip'.

    Jonny says he was given the chip as part of a take-away meal from Deep Blue Fish and Chip Shop in Woburn Sands.

    He took a picture of the mighty fry, before tweeting the Guinness World Records team saying: "What’s the world record for the longest chip/fry? I think this one is a contender (purchased from my local fish and chip shop, Milton Keynes, UK). Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks."

    MKFM asked Jonny for the exact length of the chip - but sadly he had already eaten it and so we will never know.

    However, after we did some research - we are pretty sure it won't have broken the record.

    The world record for the 'Largest molded potato chip (French fry)' is currently held by Chandresh Bayad from Ahmedabad in India.

    It weighed in at a massive 11kg - possibly slightly heavier than Jonny's one was!

    Set in October 2018, it was the first successful attempt at setting this record.

    Better luck next time Jonny!

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