Milton Keynes recycling collections to move to a fortnightly basis from 2023

    Collections will move to a fortnightly basis from 2023 under plans that will change how waste is collected in the future in Milton Keynes.

    Milton Keynes Council confirmed the decision to commence work to commission a new external provider for waste collections at a Delegated Decisions meeting yesterday (20/7). 

    The new provider will be tasked with delivering the wheelie bin trial to the Milton Keynes borough and marks a huge change to how waste is collected in the city. 

    Recycling collections, from 2023, will alternate weekly by type.

    One week providers will collect papers and the next week other recycling materials. 

    According to the Delegated Decisions report, the decision comes as of the top 15 leading recycling authorities, 12 are outsourced.

    Currently, MK Council’s waste collection services are struggling due to the ‘pingdemic’ that has seen 25% of waste and collection staff having to self-isolate.

    This decision has caused controversy between the residents and the opposing Conservative party with Councillor Dan Gilbert, the Conservative’s Environment and Waste spokesperson, saying: “We know that the waste teams are working hard amidst challenging circumstances, and we encourage the Council to do everything that it can to ensure waste and recycling gets collected. 

    "As a green city, we need to be making it easy for families to recycle, not putting up barriers that could increase fly-tipping. We hope MK Council consider this going forward.” 

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