Milton Keynes pub takes to social media after table of eight 'forget' to pay bill

    A pub has taken to social media asking a group to come forward after not paying their bill.

    On Saturday 27th August, a post was made on social media urging customers of a Milton Keynes pub to come forward, after a large bill wasn't settled.

    A group of eight had been served at The Crooked Billet, in Newton Longville, Milton Keynes, and allegedly left the pub without paying their part.

    "Would the group of eight who 'forgot' to settle their bill prior to rapidly leaving the pub tonight please call in [on Sunday] to pay their bill in full," a spokesperson for the pub said.

    The spokesperson also said that the pub had CCTV onsite.

    Residents have responded in anger to the incident, with one saying: "This is out of order at any time. But pubs and restaurants are still trying to recover, so they can stay open for our leisure. PAY WHAT YOU OWE."

    The table of eight have been branded as 'lucky' for being given the chance to settle the payment.

    Multiple residents are also urging the pub to name or shame the eight.

    The pub has now said it will be leaving the situation in the hands of the police.

    "On behalf of the whole team at The Crooked Billet, a huge thanks to everyone who has been so supportive about the group of guests that left without paying their bill last weekend. The comments and goodwill we have received have been really appreciated.

    "Sadly, we cannot report that the bill has been settled. We have, however, been in touch with the Police who are collecting the very clear CCTV images we have of this group and will seek to identify them.

    "We have received a lot of comments urging us to publish the CCTV images on social media to assist in identification. We are not going to do this for two reasons-firstly, we have passed the matter to the Police and we need to let that process run its course, and secondly the group was made up of both Adults and Children and we just won't put images of kids on social media despite the "forgetfulness" of their parents.

    "In all reality it's very unlikely we shall get paid what this group owed and whilst this is very frustrating the support we have received from locals, on social media and from local media that have picked this story up has been very heartening.

    "And please.......having booked a table, enjoyed a fab meal and a great night out, don't "forget" to settle your bill at the end of the evening

    "Thanks again everyone - from all the team at The Crooked Billet," a spokesperson said.

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