Milton Keynes pub and residents have raised money for defibrillator in village

    Regulars of the Nags Head in Great Linford and local residents have banded together to help raise the money for a defibrillator for the village.

    Traditionally, the local pub has always been the beating heart of the community, so it's fitting that the patrons of The Nags Head in Great Linford banded together to raise funds for a defibrillator in the village.

    The pub regulars have previously made presentations to other charities including the Rotary Swimathon, but in 2018 landlord Mic Jackson and late resident Alan Senior got cracking on this new focus.

    The coordinator of the campaign, John Glackin, has always been impressed by the generosity of the regulars at the Nags Head.

    He said: "There is always a good spirit in the Nags Head, and the regulars felt this was the next step to support the area.

    "We realised it was a local commitment and we could see the benefit of the defibrillator to all groups, families and organisations.

    “The Nags Head held a monthly quiz, which was always packed out, and other contributions helped to swell the funds.

    "It was a real community effort."

    Great Linford Parish Council (GLPC) is supporting the project and will help to take care of the ongoing maintenance charges for the defibrillator.

    The piece of equipment, which can help return a heart to its normal working state if it goes into cardiac arrest, has been installed at the Marsh Drive Sports Ground Pavilion.

    GLPC Parish Manager, Eirwen Tagg, feels incredibly proud of the community she is a part of. 

    She said: “We are proud of our community and its can-do attitude, and we're thrilled by the success of this fundraising, and only too keen to support the sterling efforts of everyone involved.

    “This is a brilliant example of the way that everyone in Great Linford pulls together for the betterment of our area.”

    Stony Stratford Lions Club stepped up with a significant donation and ward councillors Jane Carr and Martin Petchey also donated £500 each.

    The pub is also currently working in union with Great Linford's Little Bookshop and the Community Fridge to provide free food for residents during these difficult times.

    John Glackin, the coordinator of the campaign, said: “The Nags Head brings people together, in good times and bad, and we are proud to do our bit.

    "Now that we have the first defibrillator installed, there's always the chance to put more into the village.

    “It will be good to get back on track when normality creeps in.”

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