Milton Keynes nursery launches Parent Partnership Scheme to help reduce childcare costs by up to £4,200

    Gymfinity Kids has announced a new scheme to help parents reduce their childcare costs.

    Gymfinity Kids is the UK’s first and only provider of clubs and nurseries using movement, nourishment and development to enhance overall wellbeing in children.

    A recent survey of 27,000 parents found that childcare costs have forced 43% of mothers to consider leaving their jobs and 40% to work fewer hours in the current environment in order to stay at home to look after their children.

    In response to these statistics, Gymfinity Kids is trialling its Parent Partnership Scheme to reduce the cost of childcare for families.

    Starting with its Milton Keynes nursery, Gymfinity Kids will share the cost of childcare with new parents by reducing its nursery fees by 50% for up to 6 months, providing a saving of up to £4,200.

    Gymfinity Kids started the trial on Wednesday 17th August, at its Milton Keynes nursery, with a view to rolling it out across its other nurseries from September.

    Anita Wilden, Head of Nursery Operations at Gymfinity Kids, said: “Going to nursery is so beneficial for children’s development, independence and social skills, as well as being an important stepping stone before school. We recognise the huge financial pressure families are facing and want to do our bit to ensure that childcare is as affordable as possible.

    "We’re starting the Parents Partnership Scheme at our Milton Keynes nursery and hope to extend this our support to all of our nurseries from September. As an industry we will have a greater impact by working together to support parents, so encourage other nursery providers to join us with this scheme.”

    To receive this discount, parents need to book a tour of the Gymfinity Kids Milton Keynes nursery by visiting the website.

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