Milton Keynes MPs release statement on "unauthorised encampments"

    Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart have their say on unauthorised traveller encampments in MK.

    City MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart said, “Over the past few months the increase in unauthorised traveller encampments has become a real concern for residents across MK. We have discussed the matter with the Superintendent today and are assured Thames Valley Police are taking the matter seriously. They are working closely with the Council and other partners.

    “There is an understanding that the Council does need to take more action and react quicker to reports of unauthorised encampments. We have raised this with them and understand actions, that include physical barriers and injunctions, are now being considered. We have also expressed the urgency that is needed both to Thames Valley Police and to Milton Keynes Council. The Government is looking at changing the law and we have engaged in that process, but it is important we make best use of the laws we have now.

    “Unauthorised traveller encampments are a nuisance for local communities and a completely inappropriate use of open space. We need to make sure hard-working, honest residents of the community, the silent majority and are not ignored.”


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