Milton Keynes MP welcomes plans for elderly care home residents to receive visitors

    From the 8th of March, care home residents will be able to receive regular indoor visits from a single person.

    In the first stage of easing some lockdown restrictions, it was announced that elderly residents of care homes will be able to have one person (family or friend) visit them regularly indoors and even hold their hand.

    The only prerequisite for visitors attending care homes is that they wear the appropriate PPE and have a negative test result.

    Ben Everitt, MP for Milton Keynes North, took to social media to explain how this was a positive step forward. He said: "Extremely welcome news for care home residents.

    "From 8th March one regular visitor will be able to hold hands indoors with their relative or contact.

    "This is just a huge step to allowed loved ones to see each other again in a COVID secure way."

    It is reported that at this stage every care home resident will have been offered their first vaccination dose, but around 30% of care home staff are yet to be vaccinated. 

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