Milton Keynes MP accused of calling local constituent a 'disgrace' at public surgery meeting

    MP for Milton Keynes South Iain Stewart has been accused of calling a pro-Remain campaigner at a public surgery meeting a 'disgrace' following a heated discussion regarding Brexit.

    The incident happened at a local surgery at the Asda supermarket in Newton Leys in Milton Keynes when People's Vote campaigner Gerard Burke attended a 'Meet The Residents' event which Mr Stewart was hosting.

    After a heated discussion covering a number of areas including Vote Leave campaign spending, Mr Burke claims that Mr Stewart shouted 'You sir are a disgrace' as he began to leave the advice surgery.

    Mr Burke said: "My main concern here is not that he called me “a disgrace”, although that is clearly not appropriate or acceptable behaviour for someone who is my elected representative and who is meant to work for me.  My main concern is actually that Iain seems to be misinformed about such vital issues: one which endangers the lives of my family and thousands of others on the Irish border; and the other which endangers our democracy."

    "In his position as an MP, he is promulgating this incorrect and dangerous information and, because he is an MP, people are likely to accept what he says without further question.  Essentially, he is in a leadership position and responsible leadership requires that the leader is well-informed."

    MKFM asked Iain Stewart for comment and he did not deny using the language mentioned by Mr Burke or apologise for it.

    In a statement, Mr Stewart said: "I had arranged a street surgery on Friday at Asda at Newton Leys primarily for Newton Leys residents to discuss issues relating to the new estate. The vast majority of people who came to see me did just that."

    "I was, however, aware of chatter on social media the night before by members of the "People's Vote" that they should come to hijack the event."

    "During the event, Mr Burke came up to me but did not introduce himself. In fact Mr Burke and I have had extensive correspondence over the subject of Brexit. We do not agree and never will. He knows that."

    "The conversation started with him asking some perfectly fair questions about the Northern Ireland issue. I am firmly of the view that in no way do I wish to see a return to a hard border in N Ireland. I believe there are ways to achieving this via the Chequer's agreement. He disagrees."

    "Mr Burke then steered the conversation to the usual "People's vote" themes of the referendum being illegitimate and making allegations that I believe to be wrong. I fundamentally disagree with him. The vast majority of correspondence I receive from constituents on this subject is to say that they knew exactly what they were voting for in the 2016 referendum and want the Government to enact the instruction people gave."

    "I think it is a disgrace that some people and groups are trying to thwart the democratically expressed will of the people, take the view that their views are superior to others and the vote should be annulled and people asked to revote until they deliver right result."

    "I will continue to respect the view of the clear majority of my constituents on Brexit and devote my energy to securing the best withdrawal arrangements and making the most of the opportunities that Brexit gives this country."

    "Mr Burke does not agree with me and never will and seems to want to find ways of perpetuating an argument that I believe to be over."

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