Milton Keynes man jailed after using dating site to con victims out of thousands of pounds

    A local man has been jailed after using a popular dating site to con people out of thousands of pounds.

    53-year-old Tresdian Green, of Harlow Crescent in Oxley Park, was sentenced to three years and two months’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to two counts of fraud.

    This sentencing followed a lengthy period of scamming whereby in early 2018 and 2019, Green met his victims on the popular dating site Plenty of Fish.

    After a few months, he began to ask his victims to lend him money telling them that he would pay them back with interest.

    Green asked his first victim for small amounts to help pay staff and taxes. Over time, this accumulated to around £11,700. The company only had one member of staff.

    He asked his second victim for money as an investment in a car selling company in which she would see a better return than through a bank. This amount came to £59,000. The company wasn’t linked to car sales, but recruitment and it didn’t have any assets.

    Green was charged on 30 October 2020. He was also ordered to pay compensation to his victims, totalling £5,000.

    Investigating officer, PC Jamie Mulliner, based at Milton Keynes police station, said: “These cases took two years to bring to court due to the intricacies of the fraud that had to be thoroughly investigated.

    “The victims were unknown to each other, however the frauds were almost identical in how they came to fruition, the length of their relationships with Green and the trust he gained from them.

    “I am pleased that Green pleaded guilty and will now serve a custodial sentence as a result of his deception.

    “Although the compensation Green will pay to the victims does not replace all of the money he took from them, I hope they can now move on from their experiences.”

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