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    Milton Keynes man scammed £19,000 from gambling machines - here's how he did it

    A Milton Keynes man has been found guilty of two offences for his part in a scam which led to him earning £19,000 from gambling machines in a single night.

    Simon Palmer, aged 50, of Porters Close in Milton Keynes was found guilty of the offences at Warwick Crown Court.

    He will be sentenced at a later date.

    Mr Palmer and two other scammers visited gambling machines at motorway service stations across the UK in a single night, including nearby Northampton North, and managed to make off with £19,000.

    On 9th January this year, Mr Palmer and two others, who are yet to be identified, headed to Lymm Services on M6 in Cheshire and scammed the first £2,000 of their winnings.

    One of the men took a laminated £50 note and inserted it into the machine, before inserting a special device afterwards to retrieve it.

    They did this multiple times, before 'cashing out' once they had about £400 in the gambling machine.

    Once they had got around £2,000 at Lymm, they headed south to Sandbach Services on the M6 where they repeated the same act, this time gaining over £3,000.

    Over the following hours, they headed to Stafford North, Hilton Park, Tamworth, Donington Park and Northampton North services, giving them a total of £19,000 over the evening.

    Mr Palmer's home was subsequently searched, and officers found a laminated £10 note as well as other items.

    The news website Leicestershire Live reports that the judge said: "Your client has been convicted on very strong evidence. The form of sentence is inevitable for both the sophisticated nature of what he did and his lengthy antecedents for similar offences."

    “He will be facing an immediate prison sentence. It is no kindness to put off the evil day.”

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