Milton Keynes man 'humiliated' on social media by food company after complaining about 'awful' burger

    Last night, a man complained to Wolverton-based Stumpy's Shack about his 'awful' burger and has since been 'humiliated' by the company online.

    The man ordered a 'Homer Simpson' burger, which he said upon arrival was "not what we were expecting at all", so he decided to contact Stumpy's Shack and request a full refund.

    "After a while on the phone people in the background were laughing at us," the customer told MKFM. "I asked for the address of the store so I could come down and they started to threaten us and [said] it would be a bad mistake if we do."

    Instead of honouring the man's request, or settling the dispute privately, the company shared pictures of the customer on their Facebook Page. On the post, which has since been deleted, Stumpy's Shack wrote: "Does he look like he that picky about his food apparently don’t like the Homer Simpson burger".

    Before deletion, dozens of people had commented on the post criticising Stumpy's Shack for their "unprofessional" actions. One member of the public received a response from Stumpy's Shack asking whether she is "still working in the brothel". 

    MKFM approached Stumpy's Shack for comment. They said: "Yeah someone complaining for free food we [have] got hundreds off [sic] satisfied customers, we are 5* on Just Eat."

    Stumpy's Shack, which serves food ranging from sandwiches to waffles, is currently rated 5 out of 6 stars on Just Eat, and has received multiple positive reviews online.

    The customer says he has since reported Stumpy's Shack to Just Eat and Trading Standards. 

    In a separate incident, in 2018, Stumpy's Shack (which was previously an ice-cream parlour) was served a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice by Milton Keynes Council. These notices are served when there is concern about the risk of injury or health due to the condition of the premises, or the activity carried out on the premises. 

    The company was listed for sale in April with the asking price currently standing at £175,000. 

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