Milton Keynes Lib Dems urge government to extend £2 bus fare cap until end of year

    Liberal Democrat councillors are set to propose a motion at Full Council on Wednesday 15th March, urging the Government to extend the £2 bus fare cap until the end of the year.

    In September, a £2 cap on single journeys was announced by the government in a bid to help passengers with travel costs, increase passenger numbers, and to protect vital bus routes.

    The scheme was due to run from January until March 2023, in February, it was announced that the cap would be extended until the end of June.

    Now, Milton Keynes Liberal Democrats are calling for the £2 bus fare cap be extended until 31 December 2023, with figures showing that before the cap was in place, the average cost of a single adult journey in Milton Keynes was £2.90.

    Liberal Democrat Councillor Paul Trendall who represents Campbell Park and Old Woughton will move the motion, asking the Chief Executive of the City Council to write to the Secretary of State for Transport.

    Councillor Paul Trendall, said: “Thousands of people rely on the bus services every day to get to work, school, and to attend medical appointments. As the cost-of-living crisis continues, many people are facing financial difficulties and this reduced fare is lifeline for many. The Government put this cap in place to help passengers with travel costs, increase passenger numbers, and to protect vital bus routes, but what makes them think these problems will be solved by the end of June?”

    Liberal Democrat Leader on Milton Keynes City Council, Councillor Robin Bradburn added: “The City Council gets less money from Central Government year after year and by subsidising fares and providing extra money to support residents, we are already doing all that we can to help. We know private bus companies are struggling and we are continuing to support residents where we can, but we can’t do it all.

    "The Conservative Government need to step up and provide long-term funding so that our communities don’t suffer.”

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