Milton Keynes’ Lib Dems call for energy grants to save local high streets from becoming 'ghost towns'

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    Milton Keynes’ Lib Dems are demanding the Government rescue hundreds of small local businesses in from soaring energy bills.

    The Liberal Democrat are calling for energy grants to save local businesses from suffering this winter.

    The rescue package would offer grants up to £50,000 to help small businesses cope, giving them a lifeline to keep their doors open. 6,245 small and medium businesses in Milton Keynes would benefit, the party says.

    Under the proposed Liberal Democrat scheme, small businesses would be able to apply for Government grants covering 80% of the increase in their energy bills for one year, up to a maximum of £50,000. Nationally the proposals would help 1.4 million small businesses across the UK.

    Liberal Democrat Group Leader on Milton Keynes City Council, Councillor Robin Bradburn, said: “Milton Keynes’ local high streets risk being devastated by spiralling energy costs and turned into ghost towns, but the Conservatives don’t seem to care.

    “Local shops, cafes and restaurants that survived through the Coronavirus pandemic, could now be taken down by soaring energy costs and forced to close their doors unless the Government steps up urgently.

    “We need this energy bailout now to save our high streets, rescue small businesses and keep prices down for local families.

    “We’ve known this hike was coming for months and the Government has done nothing.

    “We cannot waste more time. The new Conservative Prime Minister must act immediately to protect families and small businesses in Milton Keynes.”

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