Milton Keynes Labour councillors urge government to reverse Universal Credit cuts

    The national body of all councillors in England and Wales has written to the government opposing the unfair cut to Universal Credit.

    The cross party but Conservative-led Local Government Association (LGA), which is made up of over 300 local councils, has written to the Chancellor to say that the £20 uplift to Universal Credit should remain for “as long as it is needed”.

    This comes as research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation estimates 22,840 vulnerable families in Milton Keynes have been impacted by the cut, which will see them lose out on £220 each by Christmas.

    Councillor Pete Marland, Labour Leader of Milton Keynes Council, is a member of the LGA Resources Board. Cllr Marland was among the Labour members who last month argued the LGA position that the Universal Credit uplift should continue while it is necessary, especially during a time when fuel, energy and food prices are on the rise.

    Councillor Pete Marland said: “The Tory Government has severed a lifeline that was protecting some of our most vulnerable residents. The senseless cut to Universal Credit could plunge half a million families into poverty.

    “The Government has now received a letter, sent on behalf of thousands of councillors, explaining that the £20 uplift should remain for as long as necessary. We believe the safety net will give financial support to those who need it the most, so that they can recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

    “This decision was made cross-party and we hope that the Government will listen. We hope that they will realise what an awful decision they have made and that it is not too late to reverse this terrible policy.”

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