Milton Keynes is one of the top 10 'least stressful places to live' in the UK

    A new study by structural warranties firm LABC Warranty has named Milton Keynes as one of the Top 10 least stressful places to live in the UK.

    The research uses a number of data points, including the government's own 'happiness index' as well as local house price data, average wages and total commuting time for local residents.

    Milton Keynes was put seventh in the list of the least stressful places to live, with only Derby, Aberdeen, Coventry, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Sheffield being less stressful to live in than our city.

    As well as the least stressful places to live, the study also found which parts of the UK carried the most stress to local residents.

    Brighton, London and Leicester were listed as the most stressful cities to live in within the UK as part of the LABC Warranty research.

    Chartered psychologist Dr Rick Morris told The Mail on Sunday that recent studies had found psychological well-being is comprised of five elements: financial, career, relationship, physical health and community well-being.

    He added: "But the financial side was less to do with how much you earned, and more whether that salary was enough for a comfortable lifestyle without too many money worries."

    "So Coventry and Derby might well fit that picture, whereas London and Brighton may not because of cost of living, house prices and commuting."

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