Milton Keynes Hospital to receive new Breast Cancer Screening Unit

    Women in Milton Keynes will now benefit from better diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

    Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust will receive a mobile screening unit after the government pledged an additional £10 million to provide 29 new NHS mobile breast cancer screening units and nearly 70 life-saving upgrades to services in areas where they are most needed.

    These new units and service upgrades will allow more women to be screened earlier improving outcomes for patients. Screening will be focused in areas where it is most needed, tackling health disparities and improving diagnosis rates.

    This investment will also help deliver a more accessible NHS where patients receive care close to home.

    Iain Stewart MP said: "I welcome the news that Milton Keynes University Hospital will be receiving a mobile breast screening unit as a result of Government investment.

    "The mobile screening unit will not only increase the number of women being screened, but also the unit can be deployed in various areas of the community to improve accessibility.

    "I would like to take this opportunity to encourage any women who are concerned or showing symptoms of breast cancer to get screened as soon as possible!"

    Ben Everitt MP commented: “I'm delighted the Government is funding a new Breast Cancer Screening Unit at Milton Keynes University Hospital.

    “Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the UK, but we know catching cancer early is important in helping us save lives and this new unit will help more women in Milton Keynes get checked for breast cancer sooner.

    “I won't stop fighting for more investment, but this extra funding further underlines this Conservative Government's commitment to investing in healthcare in Milton Keynes following funding for the brand new Maple Centre which opened in the autumn.”

    Health Minister Helen Whately said: “A cancer diagnosis can be terrifying but it is vital that this cruel disease is detected as soon as possible and then treated.  

    “It is also important that women can access high quality healthcare wherever they live and this investment helps deliver that. 

    “These units mean more targeted services are available on people’s doorsteps ensuring we have the best chance at detecting and treating breast cancer.” 

    The funding is now in place for NHS trusts to spend within the 2022/23 financial year and the timing for delivery of units will be individual to each trust.

    Each year more than two million women have breast cancer screening in the UK. Screening saves around 1,300 women every year with around 21,000 cancers detected. This investment in breast screening units will continue to increase capacity to detect and deliver life-saving treatment.

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