Milton Keynes home care company offers virtual dementia experience

    Home Instead Milton Keynes is providing a unique opportunity to understand life with Alzhimer’s disease, and other forms of dementia through their ‘Dementia Tour’ in MK.

    Home Instead Milton Keynes, in collaboration with Training 2 Care, is providing a unique opportunity to understand life with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia through their ‘Dementia Tour’ in Milton Keynes.

    Home Instead, in collaboration with Training 2 Care, will have the Virtual Dementia Tour bus stationed at Home Instead, Global House, Vincent Avenue, Crownhill, MK8 0AB, on 5th August 2024, from 10 am to 4 pm. Tickets for this immersive experience are now available.

    This experience is particularly valuable for those with family members or friends living with dementia, as well as professionals who regularly interact with individuals affected by the condition. It offers an unparalleled insight into the daily challenges faced by those living with dementia.

    Samantha Duffin, Business Development Manager at Home Instead Milton Keynes, emphasised the significance of the event; “Our goal is to raise awareness and educate the community about dementia while providing carers with essential advice on supporting those living with this condition. The experience is incredibly immersive, illustrating sensory overload and fine motor skill difficulties.” Samantha has advised that this firsthand experience is invaluable in deepening understanding and challenges faced by loved ones or those who are cared for.

    The tour employs advanced technology to replicate the sensory changes associated with dementia. Participants will use goggles, headphones, and spiky insoles to simulate distorted vision, loud noises, and sensory overload, offering a realistic glimpse into the world of someone living with dementia.

    Home Instead Milton Keynes provides a range of services to older adults, including personal care, specialist dementia care, companionship, and home help, allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own homes.

    For more information or to purchase a ticket (£50 each) for the Virtual Dementia Tour, please call Home Instead at 01908 774333 or visit our website:

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