Milton Keynes has the 8th highest life expectancy in the UK

    Milton Keynes has ranked 8th for highest life expectancy and 22nd for full wellness.

    The figures have been revealed in new research carried out for online florist Flowercard.

    Average life expectancy at birth is 81.13 in Milton Keynes, according to the research. It follows behind the likes of London, Oxford and Cambridge in its ranking.

    A spokesperson for Flowercard said: "There aren’t many indicators of wellness as important as life expectancy. The length we are expected to live is closely tied to the way we live our lives, the environment we live in, and whether we can afford to live as healthily as possible.

    "With that in mind, we wanted to see which areas in the UK have the longest life expectancy."

    In terms of overall wellbeing, Milton Keynes ranked 22nd.

    The scores say Milton Keynes gained an air quality score of 101, the highest on the chart.

    The scores for the other contributors such as gyms per 100,000 (11.41), spas and wellness centres per 100,000 (5.97), smoking prevalence (15.1).

    Brighton scored top marks for its overall wellbeing.

    A spokesperson explains: "Wellness and self-care are incredibly important for living a long and fulfilling life. Without looking after ourselves, we can quickly become run down and exhausted by the daily demands and pressures that life throws at us.

    "By ensuring that we dedicate time to recharging both mind and body, we can stave off the mental and physical exhaustion that would get in the way of us living full and happy lives.

    "There are many things that can contribute to a person’s overall wellness. These include environmental factors, such as breathing clean and fresh air and immersing yourself in nature, as well as keeping an eye on the way we treat our bodies, such as not filling up on junk food and making sure we get regular exercise.

    "As wellness includes both mental and physical health, it is important to give your mind the opportunity to calm itself and relax, such as through yoga or meditation."

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