Milton Keynes Food Bank launches new city-wide campaign

    The MK Can Logo Challenge is MK Food Bank’s new city-wide food campaign – but this time you can participate from the comfort of your own location. 

    The Milton Keynes Food Bank is challenging businesses and community groups to get creative and create a large-scale mural of their logo or name out of essential food items.  Take photos from above that you can use to promote your organisation, and they'll collect the food – a real win-win!

    Create your logo from Monday 25th March until Friday 5th April – it can be as big and imaginative as you like. Don’t worry if you don’t have a logo – you can write your name or create a picture relevant to you. Have a look at some ideas and colour inspiration here: Logo Challenge - MK Food Bank

    Due to a very busy winter, most of the cans from the MK Can Guinness World Record event in October have already been distributed.

    To restock the shelves MK Food Bank are hoping to collect another 102,000 food items from the Logo Challenge.  And, once again, the charity is enlisting the help of the whole of Milton Keynes - businesses, schools, local councils and community groups can all sign up to take part.

    Find out everything you need to know about the challenge and sign up using the online form Logo Challenge - MK Food Bank before 22nd March.

    It’s completely free to take part, but if you let MK Food Bank know you’re interested, they can send you more info and might even visit you as part of their Logo Roadshow.

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