Milton Keynes Five Day Weather Forecast: When will the sunshine be back in MK?

    After weeks of uninterrupted sunshine, Milton Keynes has seen thunderstorms and rain over the past few days. Here's the full Met Office forecast for the coming week.

    Tomorrow (Sunday 29th July) is set to be a rainy affair for our city, with rain expected through the day until around 6pm. Temperatures will stick at around 16 to 18 degrees.

    Sunday is set to be a very warm night with temperatures not dropping below 16 degrees overnight, meaning difficult sleeping conditions for many in Milton Keynes.

    Monday will see a mixture of cloudy periods and showers but becoming slightly warmer with temperatures of around 23 degrees through the day.

    The rain should dry up with a mainly cloudy couple of days predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday, and temperatures staying at around 22 degrees.

    Come Thursday, we will be back to the sunshine we have seen over the past few weeks in Milton Keynes with unbroken sunshine all day and highs of 25 degrees.

    Stay up to date with the latest weather forecast by listening to MKFM on 106.3FM, DAB Digital Radio and online.

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