Milton Keynes 'Fake News' page apologises for 'fuss'

    A Facebook page which posts 'fake news' stories about Milton Keynes has apologised for 'fuss' created by a recent story about Campbell Park.

    The story with the headline 'Campbell Park Chaos' claimed that a jumbo jet made an emergency landing in the Park earlier this week.

    It went on to claim that "[The plane] soon took off an hour later on it's scheduled flight to Barcelona leaving huge mud tracks across the park."

    The post in question from 'The Milton Keynes Herald' Facebook page has received almost 500 shares and many local residents responding asking if the story is true.

    In response to the story going viral, the page owner commented "Just to make it clear since our Campbell Park story has caused such a fuss; we are a spoof newspaper for entertainment purposes only."

    They added "We try to keep the guise of 'real news' for comedy effect, but it seems on this occasion we need to make it a bit more clear. Thank you for your interest and enjoy our nonsense."

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