Milton Keynes EV Experience Centre car chosen to journey the Arctic Circle

    Adventurers will drive from the UK to Nordkapp in order to promote the uptake of electric cars and ocean conservation.

    6 adventurers from around the world will embark on a journey of a lifetime, driving fully-electric cars more than 4000 miles to the Arctic Circle in order to raise awareness about oil spills, plastic pollution and CO2 emissions, as well as showing the capabilities of electric vehicles.

    The team will start their journey with partner Project Aware at the Bristol Harbour Clean-Up on July 15th, then head to Central Milton Keynes EV Experience Centre on Monday 16th, before heading across the channel and ascending North in an epic adventure spanning 7 different countries. The team will be visiting various NGOs along the route, organising local beach cleans, and filming documentary and live content along the route.

    The journey will be fully self-sufficient, with the team camping and cooking plant-based meals along the way and the vehicles involved will include a Tesla Roadster, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, and Tesla Model S.

    Adventurer Beth Lily Georgiou, an EV and motorsport specialist from the UK said, “Our goals are to promote the uptake of electric vehicles, raise awareness of the impact we, as humans, have on the planet, and amplify our voices by bringing together a community of individuals, companies and organisations working towards a sustainable future.”

    Some Facts:

    • Most of today’s plastics are made from the hydrocarbons that are readily available in natural gas, oil and coal. 
    • Around 10 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year as waste. 
    • The estimated amount of microplastics floating in our oceans is equal to the amount of 1,300 blue whales.
    • The UK will ban new petrol and diesel car sales from 2040.

    You can follow the team as they kick off from Bristol on social media using #chargetothecircle or via their website. 


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