Milton Keynes Development Partnership reveals Station Square feedback

    MKDP has published the findings of its wideranging public consultation about Station Square.

    Feedback praised the landscape of the square and its integrated transport links, while others highlighted layout, safety, the square's appearance and it being an unimpressive gateway to the city as issues that need to be addressed. Respondents also identified a lack of varied activities and experiences. 

    MKDP carried out the work to discover what the people of Milton Keynes thought about the open space outside MK: Central Station and how it could be developed to meet the city’s changing future needs.

    Charles MacDonald, MKDP's Chief Executive, said: “It shows how important the square is to the people of Milton Keynes that so many participated in the consultation process and were keen to share their thoughts and suggestions. 
    “Station Square is the first impression of the city that many visitors get and by introducing new initiatives we want to help make it an exceptional gateway to Milton Keynes that is welcoming, interesting and makes the most positive impact possible."

    There were more than 2,700 comments from the online survey while other interested parties such as community groups, commuters and businesses took part in stakeholder workshops, face to face interviews and exhibitions at Middleton Hall and the station.  

    MKDP is now looking at introducing initiatives to make the square a more welcoming and interesting place. The first being explored is the introduction of temporary ‘pop-up’ spaces this summer. These spaces could range from a coffee caravan, or independent food outlet, to a bicycle repair shop or exhibition space. MKDP is now looking for people interested in participating in the scheme. 

    Mr MacDonald continued: "While we have some thoughts about what might work well in the pop-up spaces, we are very much open to all suggestions.” 

    To find out more about the Station Square consultation findings, visit: 

    Anyone interested in occupying one of these new pop-up spaces should visit for more information and details about how to apply.  

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