Milton Keynes Council to begin street name plate repair programme this month

    MK Council

    More than 80 street name plates across MK are set to be repaired or replaced as part of a large maintenance programme.

    The street name plate repair programme will be carried out in four batches with the first starting this month.

    More than 80 street name plates are set to be repair or replaced as part of the programme. A further 36 plates where the street name is no longer visible will be fitted with a new printed wrap.

    Taxi drivers, emergency services, local residents and delivery companies all rely on street name plates to help provide local information.

    Councillor Lauren Townsend, Cabinet Member for Public Realm said, “Street name plates are vital to direct people around MK, especially emergency and delivery vehicles. This has been particularly important during the pandemic as more people need or rely on home deliveries.

    “I’m delighted that we are now able to do our own sign printing and with the extra savings we can fund more repairs, but it also means we’re reducing our own carbon footprint by producing more locally.”

    The list of street name plates has been compiled based on priority so that any signs that are completely missing will be done first. A full list of street name plates being replaced or repaired this month include:

    • Mill Road, Bletchley
    • Hazel Grove, Bletchley
    • Whaddon Way x2, Bletchley
    • Grange Road, Bletchley
    • Glastonbury Close, Bletchley
    • St Patricks Way, Bletchley
    • Berwick Drive, Bletchley
    • Lothian Close, Bletchley
    • Nairn Court, Bletchley
    • Salton Link x2, Emerson Valley
    • Redhuish Close, Furzton
    • Heston Walk, Oxley Park
    • Portishead Drive, Tattenhoe
    • Miserden Crescent 57-63, Westcroft
    • Newmans Close, Great Linford
    • Windermere Drive, Bletchley
    • Inverness Close, Bletchley
    • Renfrew Way, Bletchley

    There are more repairs and replacements to take place over the next few months.

    The Council’s highways service provider, Ringway now produces the printed name plate wraps in house.

    This means that replacing faded signs can happen more quickly and the cost savings can be used to include more street name plates in the repair programme.

    Any damaged or faded street name plates can be reported to the Council through the website using the Report It section here or by calling 01908 252353.

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