Milton Keynes Council to recruit team to deliver Fullers Slade regeneration

    A team of architects, engineers and green energy experts is set to be appointed by Milton Keynes Council to deliver a major regeneration project in Fullers Slade.

    Residents voted for new homes, refurbishment and improvements on their estate in a local ballot held by MK Council last year.

    The Council's new Cabinet Member with responsibility for Regeneration is expected to take a decision to kick-start the process of appointing a team of experts to deliver the project.

    MK Council will work with the local community to hire the best professionals to deliver on the option voted for by residents, which will require the expertise of architects, structural engineers, energy consultants and others.

    Once the team is chosen, it will begin working with the community to design the future appearance of the estate.

    The option voted for by residents includes:

    - 369 new homes, 20% of which will be affordable
    - Refurbishment of all existing council homes with an option of improving private properties
    - An extended and enhanced Spider Park
    - A hub for the community with shops and local facilities, including green areas, additional parking spaces and improved cycling routes

    Since the vote in November 2019, Milton Keynes Council has continued to engage with residents in Fullers Slade, including two public meetings in February.

    Despite present challenges regarding coronavirus, the regeneration team in Fullers Slade, as they are also doing on the Lakes Estate are keeping active and staying in touch with residents.

    Cabinet Member for Economy and Culture, Councillor Carole Baume said: "This is an important step in the process, and I look forward to working with the community to ensure we have the best team in place and are able to deliver on what residents voted for."

    "In the face of the coronavirus outbreak, we’re thinking about new ways of engaging with local people to help us get the right team together."

    At a meeting tomorrow, the Council will also be asked to approve a similar process to build 66 affordable council homes at the Cripps Lodge site in Netherfield. The meeting will be live-streamed on the Council’s Youtube channel from 5:30 pm on 9th June.

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