Milton Keynes Council offices to be lit in purple again tonight to remember George Floyd

    Milton Keynes Council's offices will be lit in purple again tonight to highlight the death of George Floyd.

    The offices were first lit up on Tuesday evening with residents sharing photos of the building.

    It follows an afternoon of protests in Milton Keynes - with an organised event at the train station in Milton Keynes and protestors later gathering outside Milton Keynes Police Station.

    Cllr Peter Marland, Leader of Milton Keynes Council, said: "Tonight Milton Keynes Council will again turn our Civic Offices purple to highlight the death of George Floyd, remember the countless others who have had their lives cut needlessly short due to their race, and to support those now demanding change."

    "We must not just acknowledge racism exists both in overt and deep seated ways, but do something about it."

    "Whether it is finding ways to ensure more of our elected representatives come from more diverse backgrounds, ensuring our services are delivered fairly and equally, tackling health inequalities or reducing poverty, so many of these issues impact minority communities disproportionately."

    "Black Lives Matter. It is now the responsibility of those in positions of power, and privilege, to not simply show solidarity, but to listen, reflect, and take action as quickly as possible to ensure that change happens."

    "George Floyd's voice went unheard, his death should lead to lasting change."

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    Check out our gallery of the Civic Offices tribute on Tuesday evening here:

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