Milton Keynes Council looking for creatives to 'Reclaim the Redways'

    Milton Keynes Council are on the hunt for creatives in a new scheme to Reclaim Milton Keynes' Redways.

    Following an award of funding from Milton Keynes Council’s Economic Recovery Fund, Milton Keynes Council are looking to appoint creative practitioners and/or cultural organisations to develop and deliver a series of innovative new commissions.

    These commissions will be on, around and using the unique Redway network.

    MK Council are looking for creative and innovate ideas that will contribute to MK's COVID-19 recovery by encouraging citizens to take part in an active exploration of the Redway network.

    They also hope to be able to build on a significant recent behavioural shift in Redway usage, which has seen an increase of 58% in some areas of MK.

    Milton Keynes Council have stated: "We are looking for ideas that will encourage interaction with the Redway network and its environment – allowing audiences and participants to experience the network in a new way, celebrate the role of the Redways in linking our city’s communities, and encourage walking and cycling around Milton Keynes."

    The budget available for each commission is between £10,000 and £15,000. This budget is fully inclusive of all costs, including fees.

    For more information and a full commission brief click here.











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