Milton Keynes Council launch consultation to build a new zebra crossing

    Milton Keynes Council have launched a consultation today on plans to build a new zebra crossing.

    The crossing would be located in the Broughton area on Countess Way, close to the junction with Warwick Avenue.

    Officials have been working with the Eastern Expansion Area Working Group, which includes both local residents and councillors, to develop the proposals.

    They say the new crossing will provide a safe place for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road.

    As well as the new zebra crossing there are some additional changes being made to help improve visibility and safety for drivers as they approach the new crossing which are:

    • widening the existing footway
    • narrowing the road to a single lane carriageway
    • constructing new grassed verges
    • removal and relocation of four trees along the central reservation to a nearby location.

    The public consultation on the proposed scheme is open for comments until 5pm Friday 19 June 2020.

    You can read more about the plans and have your say by clicking here.

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