Milton Keynes Council have spent £23MILLION in improving and building Council homes

    New figures have revealed that Milton Keynes Council have invested over £23m in improving the homes of Council tenants and building new Council houses across the city in the 2017/18 financial year.

    Amongst the spending included improvement to communal heating (£520,000), communal improvements (£367,000), MC2 Blocks of Flats (£631,000), Fire Safety improvements (£369,000) and heating improvements (£248,000).

    Cllr Nigel Long, Cabinet member for Housing and Regeneration at Milton Keynes Council said, “We are committed to improving the Councils 11,300 rented properties and to building and buying new Council houses. We are pleased that last year we spent over £23 million on these priorities.”

    The Council also spent £1,371,000 making improvements to empty homes before they were re-let. This included new bathrooms, kitchens, windows etc.

    Cllr Long added: “We are continuing to invest in improving people’s homes. Upgrading properties as they become vacant allows us to improve them for local families.”

    "The Council spent £7.4 million on buying up properties. So they can be let as Council houses. The Council also invested £4.5 million in building new Council houses. This included investing in St. Georges Drive (Bletchley), Coltsfoot Place (Conniburrow), Kellen Drive. (Fishermead), Germander Place (Conniburrow), Franklin Court. (Greenleys), Blind Pond Farm. (Bow Brickhill) and four garage sites (Bletchley)."

    Milton Keynes Council have also committed to building 500 more council homes, as well as continuing to increase the quality of existing properties.

    Earlier today, MKFM reported that criticism of the Council's regeneration plans was continuing, as work was brought in house.

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