Milton Keynes Council gets to work on ‘More For MK’ to support local businesses and jobs

    More for MK looks at how the Council can use MK-based businesses in its procurement.

    As part of the ‘More for MK’ scheme, the Council is working with local partners and businesses to try and capture more spending locally by using more local and smaller businesses in its supply chain, prioritising companies that pay the real living wage and employ local people.

    It builds on community wealth building models used in other areas, such as Preston, but goes further in that the council will be looking for private sector employers to also commit to using more local supply chains.

    The Council has been working internally with its teams to discuss the benefits of awarding local contracts, while also collaborating with partners and large businesses such as Network Rail and NatWest to encourage them to do the same.

    Councillor Rob Middleton, Labour Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Resources, announced the scheme in July 2021.  He said: “This is another Council Plan achievement and shows how the Progressive Alliance is working to support local businesses in their recovery from COVID-19. The Council spends around £300m annually on sourcing products and services.

    "By actively working to source even a fraction of this at a local level, we will bring a high level of social value and build community wealth.”

    More for MK focuses on three commitments:

    • Being a real living wage employer
    • Recognising the value in the social commissioning process
    • Supporting smaller local suppliers.

    Councillor Rob Middleton added: “The extension of Fairfield Primary School saw the supplier spend £1.17m within 20 miles of MK.

    “The Council currently has 191 local suppliers that can bid for any council contract above the value of £25,000. We are committed to running supplier engagement events to provide guidance and advice on how other businesses can work with us in the future.”

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