Milton Keynes Council encourages locals to sign up to their 'COVID-19 Community Champions' scheme

    The Council is searching for 1,000 volunteers to become 'MK COVID-19 Community Champions' to protect themselves and others in the local community.

    Describing the scheme on their website, Milton Keynes Council said: "We’re looking for 1,000 local people to become a MK COVID-19 Community Champion, to protect themselves and care for others as we all work together to control COVID-19. 

    "Champions get weekly communications from MK Council with the latest information, national and local guidance, analysis, research and advice.  You just have to share that knowledge you get via the network with family, friends, colleagues and the local community.  

    "Many people have wanted to help others throughout the pandemic but were unsure as to how to go about it. Being an MK COVID-19 Community Champion is an easy way to make a massive difference, by sharing the latest information and advice with friends and families.

    "This could be via local Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, social organisations and clubs that people are part of. 

    "MK COVID-19 Community Champions will be provided with the latest information to share at the click of a button – it’s that simple. It won’t take up a huge amount of time, but it could really help make a massive difference in helping to keep our families, friends and communities safe."

    Volunteers are also able to provide direct feedback to Milton Keynes Council on issues they feel are important in relation to COVID-19. The Council will be using this feedback to keep their messaging and material effective, relevant and in line with the needs of the local residents. 

    Those who wish to take part can click here for more information or they can send an email to expressing their interest in the scheme.

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